Unrequited Love.

Unrequited love.

I don’t know what’s more tragic,

That I keep looking for you wherever I go,

Or that you’re never there.

I have imagination as my means, and you as my dreams.



Your eyes are like oceans and I’m slowly drowning in them. The world turns grey, and the only colour left is the green in your eyes. Your smile brightens my week. The taste of your lips have me on my knees from sunrise to sunset. I’m so in love with you.

We are stars that align perfectly into a constellation.


Do I feel this way because I’m on top of the world?
Or am I on top of the world because I feel that way?
The only thing on my mind.
Day and night,
Light and dark,
The only thing that keeps me shining in a miserable world.


I wish I could see the sun,
But my mind is too clouded thinking about him. His deep set hazel eyes, and his chocolate locks. I can see his smile through his eyes and hear his laugh two blocks down. My love for him sets alight but he is blind. I was colour but all he could see was black and white. Turns out, I was never on top of this world. I was just floating, waiting for the thunder to finally hit me.

I love you.

The stars aligned, and words fell off her tongue. Those three dreaded yet beautiful words. She sung them like a song she knew the lyrics to. Her face tilted towards the moon and she waited for his response. Time passed, and the silence echoed around. Tears ran down her cheek like a waterfall.¬†They weren’t the wrong words, just the wrong ears.

She loved him. She left him. \\

She blinked, and the stars melted into her face. \\

She smiles. \\

Sunshine & Gunpowder

Sunshine and Gunpowder.

Your warm brown eyes that place the sun second, and my worry filled green that pummels into dust. The sound of the sea and the rasp of the air. My ache for simplicity and your desire for complexity. The way your voice booms through the walls and the way mine ruffles down my shirt. The way your hand goes through my hair and you whisper ” everything will be alright ” and the way my hands slide under my eyes masking my emotions. You sleep to the sound of nonentity and I sleep to the sound of birds chirping. Synesthesia labels your laughter the sunrise and mine the sunset. We are night and day, light and dark, black and white.

Sunshine and Gunpowder.


I was blind.

Blinded by the magic in your dimples.

Blinded by the kindness in your eyes.

Blinded by the beauty in your heart.

Blinded by how perfect you were.

My vision could not see past the illusion that happened to be human.

Heartache and misery.

Is that not what happens when you are blind?

I did not see past you.

I did not see the reality.


Everything you told me was a lie.

I rip your letters into two.

For, we are separate now.

Two, not connected in any way.

The pain you caused me is unforgivable.

And now?

Now, my heart bleeds between these lines.